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"He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such praise." ~Anonymous

As working and traveling parents of a wonderful shaggy dog, we were worried about Gary having enough exercise, attention and companionship on days when we were not home throughout the day. Having found Wags and Whiskers made our lives as protective and over-the-top dog parents much easier. W&W has proven to be flexible, accessible and incredibly dependable, even on the occasional last-minute request. W&W took the time to meet us and our dog, learn about his behaviors and unique characteristics, and allowed us the benefit of knowing that when they come into the house and care for Gary that all is well and we will return to a happy and care-for pet.

Jill Nelson 


Having Andrea walk our two chocolate labs Sassy and Sophie is a real comfort, knowing how much she loves them and truly enjoys exercising them. When we come home at night from work we know our “girls” are happier and healthier because of Andrea’s devoted companionship.

Christie & Tony


Wags and Whiskers, An Act Of Love. How true this statement is! Andrea has been providing my dog, Henry with true love and care for several months now. She loves what she does which is evident in how well she treats and handles my dog. It is so comforting and reassuring to know that while I’m away I know that Andrea is ensuring that Henry receives the best possible care. She is able to understand my dog and provide the “just right” care for whatever the situation requires, be it an evening walk or weekend care. Using Wags and Whiskers is An Act of Love both for the animal and by the owner


Many thanks, Henry & Carol Sue


Andrea is Awesome!!! My dogs mean the world to me and Andrea treats them as if they were her own. She’s very reliable, trustworthy & loving towards my boys. A true professional that’s passionate about her job! My dogs love her too :)


Robin, Cherry Hill NJ

“We’re so pleased with the services that Wags ‘n’ Whiskers has provided for our two Labradors, Andy and Bella. Leaving our “furkids” at home can sometimes be a worrying experience, but with Andrea, we know they are in good hands. The personalized attention, extra special love and care is evidence that Andrea’s services are exceptional. We highly recommend Wags ‘n’ Whiskers to anyone looking for someone to go the extra mile with their pets. Thank you, Andrea for the peace of mind knowing that our dogs are treated the same way we would treat them with love, care, and affection. You’re the best!”

~Erin and Joel (Andy & Bella, too)


I’ve used my family and close friends to watch our boys, but never have I come home to find the boys as happy and well-taken care of as they were with Andrea. Our bulldog has severe dry eye. It was easy to tell that she took exceptional care of Harley and his medical condition. As we walked through the door, our boys didn’t even act like they had missed us. In fact, I think they were a little sad to see that Andrea wouldn’t be coming to visit them 3 times a day with her treats, walks, and love!




Affordable Care; Outstanding Service!

Forced to travel during the holidays this year, my wife & I sought a better solution than kenneling for our dog, Ralph. Ralph is a very small 5 year old Jack Russell Terrier who has an uncharacteristically sweet & gentle temperament yet suffers greatly from separation anxiety and can become nervous at times. While the kennel provides a convenient & safe solution when we must travel, Ralph is usually comes home distressed, weak, hoarse, occasionally ill and ultimately sour with us after returning home. The fact that he is extremely comfortable roaming our home led us to consider a pet sitter for this latest trip.

We were extremely fortunate to discover Wags & Whiskers on our very first investigation, and the entire experience has been nothing short of fantastic in every way. We just knew from the moment Andrea arrived and greeted Ralph with a treat that we had found the perfect solution to our problem. Andrea, who is only a very short distance from our home, performed a preliminary visit with Ralph and reviewed her services in great detail, demonstrating not only her keen sense of animals but assuring us of her credentials and attention to detail. Moreover, she is genuine and very friendly and specifically caters to the needs of each client; in our case, a sweet little dog that needs gentle & sincere care. We felt very secure that Ralph would be more than fine during our holiday absence and left without any reservation as to his well-being and happiness.

Upon our return, Ralph greeted us at the top of the stairs, full of excitement and energy; no sickness, no cold shoulder and no doggie mess. He was healthy (even fluffy) and easy proof that he thoroughly enjoyed his visits with Andrea. He ate, executed his business in the backyard without hesitation, and apparently played quite a bit. Andrea also relieved our concerns of the house being watched during our visit, and took care to even water our Christmas tree and clean up after Ralph – above & beyond our expectations. Hiring Wags & Whiskers was a very affordable choice in this instance, and we will be giving Wags & Whiskers our exclusive business for Ralph-care from this point forward. The peace of mind we received is priceless; the health & happiness of our dog is maximum!



Brad Smith

“Working with Andrea at Wags and Whiskers has been a wonderful experience for our family! Andrea was able to squeeze us in during the busy holiday season and everything went very smoothly. We have two cats and Andrea was very thorough in meeting us for the first time and following through on everything that we needed. She not only made sure that our cats were cared for and played with, but that the house was secure while we were away. We look forward to working with Wags and Whiskers again in the future!”

Sarah, Scott, Lucy, & Eddie

“Daily walks with Andrea are so much fun. But what I really love is the special peanut butter pumpkin kongs she brings as a treat!”


Pembroke Welsh Corgi


Andrea is a dedicated and skilled pet-sitter who truly understands how to care for dogs and cats. Whenever I travel, the first thing I do (after booking my plane ticket), is to call Andrea to ask her to check-in on my cats, Emily and Charlotte. I have peace of mind knowing that Andrea is looking in on the girls. Keeping Emily and Charlotte at home, rather than boarding them when I am away, has made a huge, positive difference in improving their overall quality of life. Emily and Charlotte are important parts of my family, and I am glad that Andrea is available to help look after them.




Champ “Andrea cares for our shih-tzu Champ as though he was her own. She is thoughtful,
caring, and Champ just adores her! We feel so confident when we are away that he is
receiving such loving care. We feel VERY fortunate to have found her services.”


Jennfer and Fred